Ring Shear Device

The ring shear device is primarily used for the determination of residual soil strength of soils. An annular soil sample is contained between upper and lower rings, the lower ring is rotated at a chosen rate.

The attractive feature of the ring shear shear apparatus is its ability to impose unlimited uni-directional shear strains on the sample while preserving a reasonably uniform stress state on the plane of shear.

This device has been successfully used in the study of large strain shear response of cohesive/non-cohesive soils as well as to determine interface shear strengths between soils and other engineering materials such as geosynthetics and concrete.

Specimen size:

Outer Diameter = 70 mm, Inner Diameter = 44.5 mm, Initial Height is variable up to 30 mm

Stress-Strain Application:

Vertical Stress is derived from air pressure supplied to a Bellofram rolling-diaphragm air piston. Shear Strain is produced by a motor controlled turntable.